Sandra Eula Lee
Sandra Eula Lee: Make of / Make do and Yun-fei Ji: Looking for Lehman Brothers, The Hilliard MuseumPublication for "Two waters", Art Space Pool, Seoul
DRAW: Mapping Madness, Inside-Out Museum, BeijingProject for "The Book of Stamps", a Cabinet Magazine publicationProject for "The Book of Stamps", a Cabinet Magazine publicationPROJECT STANDING BY;
Beyond TabooInterview with Writer Anna Carnick for Artslope
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E10 Exhibition Catalogue, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, 2012

Nanji Art Studio Catalogue, Seoul Museum of Art, 2010

Goyang International Art Studio Korea Catalogue (National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea, 2009)

Vetrine D'Autore, Mondello Ottica (Edited by Allemandi, March 2012)

Exploring Studio Materials by Mary Hafeli (Teachers College Columbia University), Oxford University Press